A Smart Home system gives you excellent efficiency, convenience, piece of mind & comfort.


No home is too small to benefit.





With the technology available to us, it is unthinkable that you can still leave appliances and lights on in a room not being used, using electricity & wasting your hard earned money.





We frequently heat rooms not being used, wasting gas & burning further cash. But why?





 You can return home to find out you have been burgled! Not anymore.



An appliance causes a major leak and you won't know until it's too late.


Now a thing of the past.


The list goes on...

 While these are the basic problems smart systems can solve, so much more is possible with Autopilot Living.




Lots of different "smart" technologies thrown together do not compare to a professionally installed system.



Smart systems mean more efficiency, saving you hundreds each year and giving your property an improved EPC rating & it is worth noting that smart security can help with your insurance premiums.


Worried About The Wires?


If you need a wireless solution, then fine.

In the image below, the green box is the main brain of the wireless system - No mess.




See A System In Action Here...



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